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Tennis Court Resurfacing 

Match Point Tennis utilizes the highest quality tennis court resurfacing products in the industry.  Tennis court resurfacing should be completed every four to five years to ensure the longevity of courts.  The standard resurfacing process for a double tennis court takes on average three to five business days.  Weather definitely plays an important role in the process and is the number one reason for the process to be extended beyond the normal time frame.  The process begins with an initial assessment of the tennis courts to insure that resurfacing is in fact the best solution.  Our supplier will deliver the materials to the site and stage the area for the project.   The onsite crew will then remove the existing nets and net posts and set aside for reuse upon completion.  The first step in the resurfacing process is to clean and pressure wash any areas of the tennis court that have dirt or mildew build up to insure the acrylics will properly bond to the existing surface.  It is standard to sand, prime, and paint the existing net posts prior to re installing them at the end of the project.  Match Point tennis will then clean out any loose debris in the existing cracks and blow off the entire court.  The next step in the resurfacing process is to fill in the existing cracks and any low spots, or birdbaths, with an acrylic patch binder.  Low spots will be reduced but not eliminated completely.  This material will then be given time to cure and dry properly prior to being scraped and buffed down to match the level of the existing court surface.  Once the patching material has been properly installed, our crew will put down a layer commonly referred to as acrylic resurfacer over the entire court surface.  The resurfacing layer will fill in any voids in the asphalt and will act as a primer for the tennis courts.  This step is very important, especially if a client wants to change the color scheme of the tennis courts to ensure the old coatings do not bleed through the new coating over time.  We then install two coats minimum of your pre selected acrylic color coating on the interior and exterior of the tennis courts.  The lines will then be professionally laid out and two coats of white textured line paint will be installed prior to reinstallation of the nets and posts.  BEWARE, YOUR CRACKS WILL RETURN AND THERE IS NO WARRANTY AGAINST THE REOCCURANCE OF CRACKS WHEN COMPLETING A STANDARD RESURFACING.  But Match Point Tennis does have a solution.  Please continue reading below.

The Riteway Crack Repair System

Match Point Tennis is a authorized installer of the Riteway Crack Repair System.  The Riteway product is a three layer system that will prevent your cracks from returning for several years.  Match Point Tennis can give you a turnkey estimate for resurfacing your tennis courts utilizing the Riteway Crack Repair System.  The Riteway material goes down after the existing cracks are filled in with the acrylic patch binder and prior to the acrylic resurfacer.  Please click on the blue button above for detailed information regarding the Patented Riteway Crack Repair System.  RiteWay Guarantee:  No other system can give you results like RiteWay.  No hollow sounds. No dead spots. No bubbling.  RiteWay Crack Repair System’s proven success and durability will outlast our competitors.  RiteWay will keep your court looking new and playing safe year after year.  We’ve seen the other systems on the market, but no other overlay system can give you the RiteWay results or guarantee.  A RiteWay repair comes with an extended warranty and is priced 50 to 75% below the cost of reconstruction.  Please visit the Riteway website for more information regarding the only crack repair system that doesn't bubble, create dead or hollow sounding spots, and is 100% playable.  Don't be fooled by other crack repair products, none of them even come close to the longevity and the durability of the Riteway Crack Repair System.


​Tennis Court Resurfacing